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The Garden Route lies on a plateau approximately 200 m above sea level, and stretches from TSITSIKAMMA to MOSSEL BAY, 227 km.

As it is a transitional rainzone, the climate is mostly mild !

SUMMER DREAM is the ideal place to explore it from, without packing your suit-cases every day !


BEFORE you go to the National Park visit the spectacular Storms River Bridge.

The "Tsitsikamma National Park" offers incredible rock formations. You can experience up to 10 meter-plus, wave sprays, when the ocean crashes in. There are lots of HIKING-TRAILS ! One leads down to the 2 "Suspension Bridges" over the "Storms River Mouth" and the VIEW TERRACE !

Keep your eyes open for DOLPHINS ! Maybe you are LUCKY to spot the "KNYSNA LOERIE" ! This elusive bird with its very pretty green feather dress, wears FIERY RED feathers underneath it's wings ! It's home is in the tree tops !

Plettenberg Bay

Enjoy the unique "Beacon Isle Hotel", the protected beaches,and the stunning view over the RIVER MOUTH LAGOON ! There are regular sight seeing boats; searching for WHALES offshore and trips to the Seal Colony at ROBBERG, which is a wonderful Nature Reserve offering hiking trails and breathtaking views !

Knysna - The place of wood

Most names here come from the early inhabitants, the "KHOISANS", like Tsitsikamma, which means "much or clear water".

Towards the KNYSNA LAGOON are two cliffs, "The Knysna Heads", they watch over the OCEAN ENTRANCE ! You can drive up on one side to a wonderful VIEWPOINT, and enjoy the stunning view over cliffs, ocean, lagoon and Knysna. Stroll along the "Waterfront" with its unique shops; eat some fresh oysters from the lagoon, or book yourself a Sundowner Sailing Trip with snacks and champagne !

Sedgefield & Wilderness

Between Sedgefield and Wilderness are the GOUKAMMA NATURE RESERVE and the WILDERNESS NATIONAL PARK with five inland lakes for enthsiastic nature lovers. Ideal for FISHING, BIRD WATCHING, CANOEING and HIKING !


Named after King George III. You can still view some beautiful architecture, like THE OLD DROSDY, built in 1811. It is now a hotel. THE BOYS HIGHSCHOOL, now the "ART THEATER"; a few old churches, as well as a modern shopping mall.


The OSTRICH KINGDOM. Take the scenic Outeniqua Pass up from George to Oudtshoorn, visit a Showfarm; like Safari Ostrich Farm, get a CRASH-COURSE about THE BIGGEST FLIGHTLESS BIRD, learn the story of the Feather Barons who got rich at the beginning of the century when the fashion in Europe demandet lots of Ostrich Feathers, and lost it all, when the first World War started ! To complete your visit enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the fine restaurants and enjoy one of the many Ostrich dishes !

Visit the famous CANGO CAVES twenty minutes away, which was partly home of the Khoi-san People. In Oudthoorn is also the Cango Wildlife Farm with the BIG CATS from all over the world, and also Crocodiles, Aligators, a Snakehouse and many more, as well as a lovely garden restaurant ! On the way home take the Robinson Pass AND YOU have really had a very enjoyable day !

Mossel Bay


There is a lot to do and to see, and I'm sure you will spend a lot of time at "The Point " with the old LIGHTHOUSE and the "KHOISAN CAVE" is where you get an impression of how they lived. Their source of food, depending on sea-level, gave access to seafood; or they had to hunt.

From here a very scenic rock hike leads to Dana Bay, approximately 2 hours.

The MARITIME MUSEUM is a MUST for every visitor, climb down and around in the REPLICA of the ship with which BARTHOLOMEUS DIAZ landed here in 1488. The Portugese built it in 1988, --- 500 years later --- and sailed it in 1989 to Mossel Bay. One can only admire the bravery of the early sailors ! "The 0ld Post Tree" a 500 Years old Milkwood Tree, was used by the early sailors to leave messages in a old boot, for friends ! There is a POSTBOX in the shape of a boot. You get a special stamp from the "OLD POST OFFICE TREE" when you post your mail here. Behind the tree is a wonderful "Shell Display" and Aquarium, displaying the small creatures from our TWO Oceans.

ENJOY the freshest SEAFOOD in one of the many, really good, RESTAURANTS !

Game Reserves

Enjoy GAME DRIVES in a Malaria free zone ! The nearest Game Reserve BOTLIERSKOP is only 15 minutes away, where you can ride on Elephants, go on a Game Drive in an open vehicle or take a HORSEBACK SAFARI !

The Garden Route GAME LODGE is approximately 45 minutes away. A half day's drive brings you to the "ADDO National Park", near Port Elizabeth. Spend a night there and enjoy the BIG FIVE !

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